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Thomas Freir, Assistant Lecturer

(thomas freir)
Qualifications:BSc.(Eng), ICM Diploma (Institute of Commercial Management)

Contact Information

Room:Room KE-5-000
Phone:+353 1 402 4659
Fax:+353 1 402 4690


My teaching duties include digital and analogue electronics, telecommunications, digital age technology and optical communications. My research interests are in high-speed optical wavelength measurement.

Teaching Material

Data Services 1     DT010-2     DT078-3

Teaching resources

ELEK1189 Electronics Systems and Practice 1     DT089-1     DT008-1

Teaching resources

ELEK1289 Electronics Systems and Practice 2     DT089-1     DT008-1

Teaching resources

COMM1208 Communication Systems 1    DT008-1

Teaching resources