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Final Year Project

supervised by Lejla Rovcanin

Implementation and development of Video Conferencing Services provided by HEAnet to Clients

Ali Shamaei

(Photo of Ali Shamaei)
This project was a commercial/educational project which was has been commenced by HEAnet( Ireland's National Education and Research Network) and Dublin Institute of Technology.
Ali (the first in his class) I have benefited from the breadth of HEAnet and Dublin Institute of Technology's syllabi contents that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Computer Engineering in the area of Multimedia and Networking and a strong conceptual understanding of the same.

Project Mark: H1 (80%)

Publication: Ali Shamaei, Lejla Rovcanin, "THE ADVANCES OF VIDEOCONFERENCING FOR THIRD LEVEL INSTITUTIONS IN IRELAND", 5th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference National University of Ireland Galway, June. 7-8, 2007, Galway, Ireland

Intelligent Notice Board

Hamid Akbari and Romain Bigo

(Photo of Hamid Akbari) (Photo of Romain Bigo)

The result of our final year project was an online system that can inform students about timetables, formal elements, assignments, news, etc. It is a one-stop-shop for all studentsí information needs.

Three different web interfaces are implemented (student, lecturer and administrative staff). You can have a look at
The user name is: D05107313
The password is: 123
Romain: I learned how to employ databases, dynamic languages and web 2.0 techniques to make user friendly online applications. I investigated new technologies (Ajax, etc.) and learnt new skills during the 5 months of project work.

Project Mark: H1 (76%)

Publication: Lejla Rovcanin, Hamidreza Akbari "PC to SMS: Managing SMS Communication with Students", EdTech2007, May, 2007, Dublin, Ireland

Calculating the phases of the Moon

Sylvain Thabuis

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