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Sun, 21 Jan 2018 - DIT week 21

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Research people

Staff of the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering active in research.

Dr. Max Ammann
Handset-antennas with low user-exposure; Wideband antennas for reconfigurable radio terminals; Antennas for ultra wide band (UWB) technologies; EMC antennas; Microstrip antennas; Computational electromagnetics; Numerical techniques (MoM, GTD, UTD, TLM. FI); Antenna near-field modelling and dosimetry (computation of SAR); Software defined radio.
Prof. Hussein Baher
The design of analog and digital microelectronic circuits for signal processing and the design of RF/microwave circuits, with overall emphasis on filters for applications in telecommunications and data transmission.
Dr Kevin Berwick
The assessment of stress within silicon using micro Raman spectroscopy and the analysis of borosilicate glasses and silicon oxides using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.
Mr. John Dalton
Wireless networking for machine-to-machine communications (Zigbee). Wireless broadband communications and mobile ad-hoc networks.
Dr. Mark Davis
The application of advanced traffic engineering techniques to quality of service (QoS) provisioning on wireless LANs.
Dr. Conor Downing
Indoor radio propagation and MIMO Systems.
Prof. Gerald Farrell
Liquid crystal based techniques for low-loss optical switching in all-optical networks. The analysis and investigation of bi-directional transmission over plastic optical fibre and methods for implementing and optimising rapid optical wavelength measurement.
Dr. Aoife Moloney
Design of high speed CMOS photodiodes and photoreceivers for plastic optical fibre communications; Optoelectronic device physics and characterisation; Design and characterisation of Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes for single photon counting; Design of active quench/active reset photon counting circuitry; CMOS imaging using GMAPs; Photovoltaic technology and black silicon for use in solar cells.
Dr. Yuri Panarin
The structure and properties of novel liquid crystals (Ferro-& Antiferro-electric, deVries, etc) and the applications of liquid crystals for optical switching in fibre-optic networks.
Dr. Andreas Schwarzbacher
Low-power VLSI design. The design of high-speed low-power circuits and the estimation of the power consumption at the earliest possible stages of the IC design cycle
Mr. Niall Coakley
Mr. Bertrand Faust
Mr. Thomas Freir
Mr. Tony Grennan
MIMO Systems (antenna arrays) for indoor radio.
Ms. Paula Kelly
Mr. Ciaran O'Driscoll
Research and development of embedded systems and pervasive computing for wireless, RF and GIS solutions. Collaborative research with the Faculty of Business in the use of predictive methods in the analysis of information systems for developing competitive advantage.
Mr. Kevin Tiernan
Measurement of liquid and gas properties. Technology areas: embedded systems, signal processing and analogue circuitry.