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Postdoctoral Research position in Optoelectronics

A research position is available to investigate the development of a CMOS compatible single photon avalanche diode.

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Ph.D Research Scholarship

Ph.D postgraduate research position on 2D-3D imaging using Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes.

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(photo of research in the School) (photo of research in the School)


(photo of research in the School)

Research is one of the most important activities within the School, where high-quality research is undertaken in communications, electronics and computer engineering. The School is committed to expanding its research activities and to forming collaborative partnerships with industry and other institutions.

The School welcomes applications for research positions. Opportunities to pursue postgraduate research for Masters and Doctoral degrees exist in a variety of areas, as well as opportunities for post-doctoral research. Application forms are available from the DIT's Graduate Studies and Research Office. Many of the research projects also employ contract research and design engineers.

For enquiries about joining research teams in the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering email

Primary Research Areas

The 802.11 Family of WLAN Standards: Untangling the Alphabet Soup
- An IEE lecture given by Dr Mark Davis.

Communication Systems and Computer Networking

Dr. Mark Davis, Mr John Dalton, Prof. Gerald Farrell.

Optical Communications and Liquid Crystals

Prof. Gerald Farrell, Dr. Yuri Panarin, Dr. Aoife Moloney.

Antennas, RF Propagation and Microwaves

Dr. Max Ammann, Dr. Conor Downing, Mr. Tony Grennan, Prof. Hussein Baher.

VLSI / Microelectronics

Dr. Andreas Schwarzbacher, Dr. Kevin Berwick, Prof. Hussein Baher.

Signal Processing

Prof. Hussein Baher, Dr. Conor Downing, Mr. Kevin Tiernan.

Research Centres

Contract research, development and professional training is carried out in two industry R&D Centres in the School, the Photonics Research Centre and the The National Satellite Services Centre.

The Centres provide a variety of professional services to industry, employing marketing and administrative staff as well as full-time research engineers and research students.

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