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Sergio Curto

Room 410, 4th Floor, Kevin St


Honors Degree in Computer Engineering, DIT, Dublin

Technical Telecommunications Engineering, UAH, Madrid

Postgraduate Student (PhD)


Antenna Development for Medical Applications

The research is undertaken in the development of suitable antennas for treatment of cancer by the use of radio frequency power at 434 MHz. The RF energy is used as a sensitiser for subsequent X-Ray/drug treatment. The human body presents a variety of complex impedances thus creating problems for the systematic delivery of power from a transmitter via an antenna, in close proximity.

The research involves the dosimetry of cells in vitro and modelling a selection of appropriate antennas, (appropriate in the sense of, ability to produce high internal field in body without burning skin), and observing the near-field impedance, which must be low, in order to avoid patient discomfort/burning.

The Specific Absorption Rate SAR and internal magnetic and electric fields are simulated using powerful electromagnetic solvers such as HFSS, CST MW Studio and SEMCAD, for various antenna candidates.

UWB Antennas

This research is focused in UWB directive antennas.


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