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Dr. Ginu Rajan, Research Associate/Project Manager


Photonics Research Centre

School of Electronic & Communications Engg

Kevin Street

Dublin Institute of Technology

Dublin, Ireland




Ph: +353-86-4048506

Room No: Pent House, 5th Floor

Academic Qualifications and Experience

Research Associate/Project Manager, March 2009- till to date, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Asst. Lecturer, January 2009- onwards, School of Electronic & Communications Engg, Dublin Institute of Technology

PhD Optical Engg, 2005-2009, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Research Trainee, 2003-2005, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India

MSc Applied Physics, 2000-2002, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India


My Resume (pdf file)

Research Interests

Fiber optic sensors and applications, FBG sensors, Photonic crystal fiber sensors, Fiber edge filters, Fast optical wavelength measurements, Smart structures and sensors, Fiber sensors for Biomedical instruments.

Research Projects


Hybrid fiber sensors for composite structures (MATERA-ERA-NET Fund)

Fiber sensors for biomedical and robotics applications (DIT, CaBs Fund)

Photonic crystal fiber sensors and its applications


Integration of research and learning in fiber optic sensing technology (NAIRTL fund, 2009-2010)

Macrobend fiber temperature sensor and its applications (Enterprise Ireland, Proof of Concept Fund, 2008-2010)


Invited tutorial speaker for the IEEE Sensors 2011 Conference

Biography published  in "Who's who is the World" 2010 Edition

PhD Research Scholarship from Dublin Institute of Technology (2005-2008)

Research Trainee Fellowship from Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India (2003-2005)

Qualified GATE & JEST, 2003, Doctoral Scholarship exam conducted by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.

Reviewer of the Journals: Measurement Science and Technology, Journal of Optics, Smart Materials and Structures, Journal of Optomechatronics, PIER, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, Sensors and Actuators A

Teaching Resources

Assistant Lecturer

Masters in Electronics & Communication Engg (DT086 & DT085)

Module: Optical Sensing (Click here for lecture notes, laboratory exercises and projects)

List of Publications (Click here for the full list)



Ramakrishnan. M, Rajan. G, Semenova. Y, Boczkowska. A, Domanski. A. and Woliński1. T., and Farrell. G, "Influence of thermal expansion of a composite material on embedded polarimetric fiber sensors", Smart Materials and Structures, accepted for publication

Rajan. G, Ramakrishnan. M, Semenova. Y, Boczkowska. A, Domanski. A. and Woliński1. T., and Farrell. G, "Analysis of vibration measurement in composite materials using embedded PM-PCF polarimetric sensor and an FBG sensor ", IEEE Sensors Journal, accepted for publication

Callaghan. D, Rajan. G, McGrath. M, Coyle. E, Semenova. Y, Farrell. G, "Investigation and experimental measurement of scissor blade cutting forces using fiber Bragg gratings", Smart Materials and Structures, Vol 20, No. 10, 2011

Mathew. J, Semenova. Y, Rajan. G, Wang. P, Farrell. G, “Improving the sensitivity of a humidity sensor based on fiber bend coated with a hygroscopic coating”, Optics & Laser Technology, Volume 43, Issue 7, 2011

Rajan. G, Ramakrishnan. M, Semenova. Y, etal. "A photonic crystal fiber and fiber Bragg grating based hybrid fiber optic sensor system", IEEE Sensors Journal, Accepted for publication

Rajan. G, Mathews. S, Farrell. G, Semenova. Y, "A liquid crystal coated tapered photonic crystal fiber interferometer", Journal of Optics, Vol. 13, Issue 1, 2011.


Book Chapters

Callaghan, D., McGrath, M., Rajan, G., Coyle, E., Semenova, Y and Farrell, G, "Analysis of Strain Transfer to FBG’s for Sensorized Telerobotic End-Effector Applications", Advances in Robotics Research: Theory, Implementation, Application , Springer Publishers, ISBN: 978-3-642-01212-9, 2009.

Rajan. G, Semenova. Y and Farrell. G, "Passive All-Fiber Wavelength Measurement Systems: Performance Determination Factors", Advances in Measurement Systems, Intech Publishers, ISBN 978-953-307-061-2, 2010.




Rajan. G, Semenova. Y, Farrell. G, "Optical fibre temperature sensing device",  UK Patent Application, GB 2 457 903 A, 02.09.2009