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A catalogue of modules and programmes available from the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering.

Programme Details: DT008

CodeDT008 The unique code for this programme.
NameB.Eng.Tech. in Electronics and CommunicationsThe name of this programme.
DescriptionA short description of the programme.
LevelOrdinary Degree (NQAI level 7)The level of the qualification awarded for this programme.
ModeFull-timeThe delivery mode for this programme.
SchoolSchool of Electronic and Communications EngineeringThe School responsible for this programme.
Notes1. Students progressing from stage 2 to stage 3 normally take options DSP3108, and COMP3108. Students entering stage 3 from Higher Certificate programmes normally take SOFT3180, SOFT3280 and COMM3480.

In stage 3 semester 2 students also choose one of the other available optional modules.
Webpage webpage for further details about this programme.
Programme DocDT008ProgDoc.pdf (uploaded 15 Nov 2006)The programme document gives full details of entry requirements, modules, assessment, and awards.
HandbookDT008 Student Handbook 2012-2013.pdf (uploaded 25 Oct 2012)The student handbook for this programme.

Note: Some documents are accessible only from inside the DIT.

Modules in DT008

StageSemesterOptionalCodeNameECTSUsed In
1.11NoCOMP1108Software Systems5 DT008.1
2.11NoDTEC1189Digital Age Technology 15 DT008.1
3.11NoELEC1189Electric Circuits and Devices 15 DT008.1
4.11NoELEK1189Electronic Systems and Practice 15 DT008.1
5.11 and 2NoMATH1189Mathematics 15 DT008.1
6.11 and 2NoENSC1189Engineering Science 15 DT008.1
7.11 and 2NoBUS1189Communication Skills 15 DT008.1
8.12NoCOMM1208Communication Systems5 DT008.1
9.12NoELEC1289Electric Circuits and Devices 25 DT008.1
10.12NoELEK1289Electronic Systems and Practice 210 DT008.1
11.12NoCOMP1208Computer Systems5 DT008.1
12.21NoCOMM2108Digital Communications Engineering 15 DT008.2
13.21NoMATH2108Mathematics 25 DT008.2
14.21NoELEK2108Electronics 15 DT008.2
15.21NoSGSY2108Signals and Systems 15 DT008.2
16.21NoMICR2108Microcomputer Systems 15 DT008.2
17.21 and 2NoCOMP2108Software Design 110 DT008.2
18.22NoMATH2208Mathematics 35 DT008.2
19.22NoCOMM2208Digital Communications Engineering 25 DT008.2
20.22NoSGSY2208Signals and Systems 25 DT008.2
21.22NoMICR2208Microcomputer Systems 25 DT008.2
22.22NoELEK2208Digital Electronics and VLSI 15 DT008.2
23.31NoMATH3108Mathematics 45 DT008.3
24.31NoELEK3108Electronics 25 DT008.3
25.31NoCOMM3108Communications Systems 15 DT008.3
26.31NoDSP3108DSP Applications 15 DT008.3
27.31 and 2NoCOMP3108Software Design 210 DT008.3
28.31 and 2NoBUS3108Business5 DT008.3
29.32NoCOMM3208Communications Systems 25 DT008.3
30.32NoELEK3208Electronics 35 DT008.3
31.32NoPROJ3208Project10 DT008.3
32.32YesMATH3208Further Mathematics5 DT008.3
33.32YesMCM3208Microelectronic Materials5 DT008.3
34.32YesWWS3208Wireless Systems5 DT008.3
35.32YesDSI3208Digital Systems Integration5 DT008.3
36.32YesCOMP3180Microprocessors and Embedded Systems 15 DT008.3 and DT079.1
37.32YesSOFT3280Software Development 25 DT008.3 and DT079.1