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Module Catalogue

A catalogue of modules and programmes available from the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering.

Programme Details: DT081

CodeDT081 The unique code for this programme.
NameB.E. in Computer and Communications EngineeringThe name of this programme.
DescriptionA short description of the programme.
LevelHonours Degree (NQAI level 8)The level of the qualification awarded for this programme.
ModeFull-timeThe delivery mode for this programme.
SchoolSchool of Electronic and Communications EngineeringThe School responsible for this programme.
NotesIn stage 4 students choose one module from the available options.
Webpage webpage for further details about this programme.
Programme DocDT081Programme DocumentMay09A.pdf (uploaded 02 Feb 2010)The programme document gives full details of entry requirements, modules, assessment, and awards.
HandbookDT081Handbook2012.pdf (uploaded 08 Oct 2012)The student handbook for this programme.

Note: Some documents are accessible only from inside the DIT.

Modules in DT081

StageSemesterOptionalCodeNameECTSUsed In
1.11NoCOMP1601Computer Programming 15 DT021.1 and DT081.1
2.11NoCOMM1601Communication Studies and I.T. Skills5 DT021.1 and DT081.1
3.11 and 2NoELEC1600Electrical Systems10 DT021.1 and DT081.1
4.11 and 2NoELTR1600Electronic Systems10 DT021.1 and DT081.1
5.11 and 2NoPHYS1853Physics10 DT021.1 and DT081.1
6.11 and 2NoMATH1301Mathematics 110 DT021.1 and DT081.1
7.12NoCOMP1602Computer Programming 25 DT021.1 and DT081.1
8.12NoDESI1602Engineering Practice and Design5 DT021.1 and DT081.1
9.21NoMATH2301Mathematics 25 DT021.2 and DT081.2
10.21NoMECH2601Engineering Mechanics and Materials5 DT021.2 and DT081.2
11.21NoELTR2600Digital Electronic Design5 DT081.2
12.21NoCOMP2601Computer Architecture 15 DT021.2 and DT081.2
13.21NoCOMP2600Software Development5 DT081.2
14.21NoSSYS2601Signals and Systems5 DT021.2 and DT081.2
15.22NoMATH2302Mathematics 35 DT021.2 and DT081.2
16.22NoCOMP2602Computer Architecture 25 DT021.3 and DT081.2
17.22NoCOMM2603Digital Communications 15 DT021.3 and DT081.2
18.22NoREES2602Regulatory Environment and the Engineer in Society5 DT021.2 and DT081.2
19.22NoELTR2602Analogue Electronics5 DT021.2 and DT081.2
20.22NoCOMM2602Communications Networks 15 DT021.2 and DT081.2
21.31NoBUS3601Business and Management Studies5 DT021.3, DT074.1 and DT081.3
22.31NoCOMP3601Software Engineering5 DT074.1 and DT081.3
23.31NoCOMM3601Field Theory and DSP5 DT074.1 and DT081.3
24.31NoCOMM3602Digital Communications 25 DT021.4, DT074.1 and DT081.3
25.31NoCOMP3602Operating Systems5 DT021.4, DT074.1, DT079.1 and DT081.3
26.31NoCOMM3603Data Communications 15 DT021.4, DT074.1 and DT081.3
27.31NoMATH3601Mathematics 45 DT074.1 and DT081.3
28.32NoPRJM3602Project Management5 DT021.3, DT074.1, DT080.3 and DT081.3
29.32NoWKPL3602Work Placement20 DT021.3, DT074 and DT081.3
30.41NoBUSM4601Management/Marketing and Law5 DT021.4, DT074.2 and DT081.4
31.41NoCOMM4601Advanced Signal Processing5 DT074.2 and DT081.4
32.41NoCOMP4601Computer Architecture 35 DT074.2 and DT081.4
33.41NoCOMP4602Real-time and Embedded Systems5 DT021.4, DT074.2 and DT081.4
34.41NoCOMM4602Wireless Communications5 DT021.4, DT074.2 and DT081.4
35.41NoMATH4601Mathematics 55 DT074.2 and DT081.4
36.41YesCOMM4604Microwaves and RF5 DT074.2 and DT081.4
37.41YesCOMP4604GUI Design and Database Connectivity5 DT074.2 and DT081.4
38.42NoCOMP4603Distributed Systems5 DT074.2 and DT081.4
39.42NoCOMM4603Data Communications 25 DT074.2 and DT081.4
40.42NoPROJ4602Project15 DT021.4, DT074.2 and DT081.4