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Module Catalogue

A catalogue of modules and programmes available from the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering.

Programme Details: DT074

CodeDT074 The unique code for this programme.
NameB.E. in Computer and Communications EngineeringThe name of this programme.
DescriptionA short description of the programme.
LevelHonours Degree (NQAI level 8)The level of the qualification awarded for this programme.
ModePart-timeThe delivery mode for this programme.
SchoolSchool of Electronic and Communications EngineeringThe School responsible for this programme.
NotesStage 2 is completed over two years (four semesters). Modules listed for stage 2 may be rearranged to suit timetabling requirements.
Webpage webpage for further details about this programme.
Programme DocDT081Programme DocumentMay09A.pdf (uploaded 02 Feb 2010)The programme document gives full details of entry requirements, modules, assessment, and awards.
HandbookDT081Handbook2007.pdf (uploaded 15 Nov 2006)The student handbook for this programme.

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Modules in DT074