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Module Catalogue

A catalogue of modules and programmes available from the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering.

Programme Details: DT007

CodeDT007 The unique code for this programme.
NameBachelor of Engeering Technology Degree Automotive Management & TechnologyThe name of this programme.
DescriptionA short description of the programme.
LevelOrdinary Degree (NQAI level 7)The level of the qualification awarded for this programme.
Mode(not specified)The delivery mode for this programme.
SchoolSchool of Mechanical and Transport EngineeringThe School responsible for this programme.
WebpageThe webpage for further details about this programme.
Programme DocDT007_Doc_2006_revised_doc_16.10.06.pdf (uploaded 09 May 2007)The programme document gives full details of entry requirements, modules, assessment, and awards.
HandbookThe student handbook for this programme.

Note: Some documents are accessible only from inside the DIT.

Modules in DT007

StageSemesterOptionalCodeNameECTSUsed In
1.11NoITEC1000Information Technology 15 DT007.1
2.11NoMATH1000Mathematics 15 DT007.1
3.11NoMVSC1000Motor Vehicle Science 15 DT007.1
4.11NoCFIN1000Commercial/Financial Management5 DT007.1
5.11NoIAES1000Introduction to Automotive Electrical Systems5 DT007.1
6.11NoASTI1000Introduction to Automotive Systems Technology5 DT007.1
7.11 and 2NoAMGT1000Management Studies 1 & 210 DT007.1
8.11 and 2NoAMGP1000Automotive Garage Practice5 DT007.1
9.12NoCOM1000COMMUNICATIONS 15 DT007.1 and DT028.1
10.12NoMVSC1002Motor Vehicle Science 25 DT007.1
11.12NoMTLL1000Motor Trade Law/Legislation5 DT007.1
12.21NoAVTS2000Automotive Transmission Systems5 DT007.2
13.21NoSMNG2000Supervisory Management5 DT007.2
14.21NoCOMM2000Communications 25 DT007.2
15.21NoMATH2000Mathematics 25 DT007.2
16.21 and 2NoAMGP2000Automotive Garage Practice 25 DT007.2
17.21 and 2NoMVSC2000Automotive Science 3 & 45 DT007.2
18.21 and 2NoAFMT2000Accounting/Finance Management5 DT007.2
19.22NoASPO2000Automotive Service/Parts Operations5 DT007.2
20.22NoMTLL2000Motor Trade Law/Legislation5 DT007.2
21.22NoITEC2000Information Technology 25 DT007.2
22.31NoSSBS3000Steering/Suspension/Braking Systems5 DT007.3
23.31NoAVPT3000Vehicle Performance Testing5 DT007.3
24.31NoFMGT3000Financial Management5 DT007.3
25.31NoASAO3000Automotive Sales/Aftersales Operations5 DT007.3
26.31NoCOMM3000Communications5 DT007.3
27.31NoFIMS3000Financial Maths & Statistics5 DT007.3
28.32NoAEES3000Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems5 DT007.3
29.32NoHRMT3000Human Resources Management5 DT007.3
30.32NoMIMK3000Automotive Marketing5 DT007.3
31.32NoMTLL3000Motor Trade Law/Legislation5 DT007.3
32.32NoSTMG3000Strategic Management5 DT007.3
33.32NoITEC3000Information Technology 35 DT007.3