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Module Catalogue

A catalogue of modules and programmes available from the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering.


Programmes delivered by School of Electronic and Communications Engineering.

9 programmes in this list.

Code Name *Mode Level
1.DT074B.E. in Computer and Communications EngineeringPart-timeHonours Degree (NQAI level 8)
2.DT081B.E. in Computer and Communications EngineeringFull-timeHonours Degree (NQAI level 8)
3.DT021B.E. in Electrical and Electronic EngineeringFull-timeHonours Degree (NQAI level 8)
4.DT079B.Eng.Tech. in Electronic and Computer SystemsPart-timeOrdinary Degree (NQAI level 7)
5.DT008B.Eng.Tech. in Electronics and CommunicationsFull-timeOrdinary Degree (NQAI level 7)
6.DT080B.Tech. in Networking TechnologiesFull-timeOrdinary Degree (NQAI level 7)
7.DT086Masters in Electronic and Communications EngineeringFull-timeMasters Degree (NQAI level 9)
8.DT085Masters in Electronic and Communications EngineeringPart-timeMasters Degree (NQAI level 9)
9.DT082Upskill bridging programmePart-timeHigher Certificate (NQAI level 6)