The Infinity Technology Kit

The Infinity Project Technology Kit components are easy to use and install on existing classroom PCs.

Developed to work in tandem with The Infinity Project curriculum, the Technology Kit includes the latest easy-to-use hardware and software - enabling students to use existing laboratory excercises or build their own.

Built around cutting-edge Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology developed by Texas Instruments and easy-to-use software pioneered by National Instruments, the Infinity Technology Kit gives students a hands-on opportunity to design and experiment on high-tech topics including the Internet, wireless communications, digital imaging, and music and audio processing.

Everything you need in one box.

The Infinity Technology Kit includes:

  • Cutting-edge hardware built around TI's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. 

  • Graphical Software Design Environment - easy for students to learn and powerful for them to use. 

  • Multimedia Peripherals - digital web camera, speakers, microphone and all the cables needed to connect up to a standard PC.

With the technology kit, students are able to undertake hundreds of exciting engineering designs including:

  • Mobile phones.

  • Musical instruments

  • Special effects for movies

  • Exciting Internet applications