The Infinity Project Curriculum 

The Infinity Project curriculum is a complete course designed to complement the teaching of maths and science. 

Using The Infinity Project curriculum in the classroom, students learn firsthand how to use maths and science to create and design a wide variety of new and exciting technologies that focus on topics of interest to students - the Internet and cell phones, digital video and movie special effects, and electronic music.

The Infinity curriculum makes it all easy.

Developed by an expert team including leaders in engineering education, the technology industry, government and - most importantly - high school teachers, the Infinity curriculum helps students quickly understand how the concepts they've learned in maths and science apply to real-life challenges in the world around them.

The curriculum isn't just theoretical. It's not just solving problems on the blackboard. Using the Infinity textbook, published by Prentice Hall, and the specially designed Technology Kit, coupled with your school's computers and lab facilities, students explore maths and science through a variety of modern digital technologies. Students innovate, create, design, experiment and learn all along the way.

The curriculum features more than 350 engineering and technology design projects all structured to help participants obtain a real "hands on" introduction to modern digital technology.

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Sample Material

The program comes with all the material needed to teach the course 

1. Text Book.

(Sample Chapter)

2. Lesson Plans


3. Training slides.


4. Laboratory Manual.

(Student Manual) 

(Sample of PowerPoint slides)








Technology Kit


Lego Mindstorms Programme


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